Chicken Litter

Chicken Litter power

Any potential customer which has access to Chicken/poultry litter in amount sufficient to produce at least 499Kw/h could integrate the technology it order to generate electricity or clean gas at relatively low substrate costs, and at a relatively higher profits. 


Until today most of the known technology providers were refraining from integrating in their technical solutions high percentage of chicken litter. It is indeed well known that chicken litter is considered as a complicated and a difficult substrate, which normally could be used with a limited quantity, only up to 30%. Although surrounded by various advantages (low cost, limited storage capacity etc), the percentage is limited due to the very high content of ammonia, sulfur, sawdust/sand and feathers as these ingredients are not bio-degradable elements or are negatively affecting the biogas production (too alkaline).

However, despite the above, we have been introduced to this unique technology, developed by Austep, an Italian based company with a patented solution for chicken manure based AD plants. The solution offered enables the AD owner to use 100% of chicken manure substrates. 

The calorific value of chicken manure is utilized at its maximum capacity, whereas all the other elements, which are negatively affecting the production of gas, are removed. The technology involves the removal of struvite and nitrogen which later on could be added to the digestate and sold at very high market price as they are considered as high quality fertilizer, or sold separately as such. 

Such a solution involves the removal of all the non-degradable ingredients with specific patented devices that are installed prior to the fermentation process. 

As the chicken litter solution is proven and available, there is no need for further scientific investigation as W2E deems the previous scientific uncertainty related to the anaerobic digestion of chicken litter to be resolved. 

Chicken Litter

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