the diversity of biogas


The boundless opportunities within the Biogas industry often surprise new investors in the space. It’s this diversity that engenders a plethora of applications  across many verticals.

The below areas of research are only a sample of what keeps us busy.

Chicken Litter

Most of the known technology providers refrain from integrating in their technical solutions a high percentage of chicken litter. It is well known that chicken litter is considered as a complicated and a difficult substrate

Municipal Solid Waste Solutions

Recent events highlight the significant technical risks that arise when dealing with unpredictable municipal solid waste.

Sugar Bagasse Waste Products Anaerobic Design Process

The technology offered by Austep is unique in respect to their comprehensive approach but as well with respect to their unique solution for processing chicken litter.

Onshore kelp anaerobic digestion process

97% of energy consumption is from non-renewable resources

Urban Landfill Site Biogas Potential

By producing energy from the waste we can save the environment and also benefit people.

We are passionate waste technologists taking an entrepreneurial approach to clean energy.