Urban Landfill Site Biogas Potential

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Waste is generated as a result of activities performed by humans. The generation of Solid waste is a result of all processes where materials are utilised. Waste production is inevitable, it is part of this world. Waste becomes harmful to the environment if it is not managed properly. Pollution is caused by waste if it is left as it is in the environment.

Developed countries produce more waste but with effective management policies, their waste is managed. But developing regions like Africa produces less amount of waste but contributes to environmental pollution because of ineffective management practices. Energy can be produced by waste. By producing energy from the waste we can save the environment and also benefit people. 

Waste availability 

The availability of waste depends upon the population of that specific area. Waste generation also depends on the class of people that reside in that area. In 2015, the worldwide generation of municipal solid waste was approximately about 1.3 billion tons for every year, and it is relied upon to increment roughly 2.2 billion tons for every year.

Per capita waste generation rate also has an increase from 2.64 lbs per person to 3.13 lbs per person per day until 2025.If we talk about an urban area of a developing country i.e., Africa, above 40% of the population lives in urban zones and this population is expanding with each passing day. This expansion in population has increased the production of waste. 

Transport of waste 

In a solid waste management system, there is a proper way to collect waste and transport it to the dumpsite. This standard way is followed to save time, energy, and money. It is a chain of different stages that are linked with one another. The waste is generated from the households and industries and they store this waste for the collector to come and collect it. 

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Urban Landfill Site Biogas Potential

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